Dear IGG Members,

we are delighted to announce that the Group Winter Newsletter 2018 (no. 152) was posted earlier this week and will hopefully arrive to everyone’s post boxes very soon. As you will read in the Newsletter, times of change are ahead and as it happens this will be the last printed Newsletter. We are enormously indebted to David Victor for his editorial efforts and for seeing us through these changes that wil hopefully make the Group even more attractive, and perhaps a little bit more up-to-date.

However, this is not to say that we are discontinuing with the Newsletter, from now on we will be distributing it via the website. This will reduce the costs and the environmental footprint, it will be printable at home and it could be translated online – before taking this decision, we have consulted widely and taken your views into account. Of course, this is not the end of IGG printed publications, once a year, we will be publishing a full-colour journal, the first one is planned for Spring 2020.

We are grateful for our Members’ support and enhusiasm, and looking forward to a year of change – please read more in the Newsletter.

Your IGG Admin.

PS. Many of you will note that the cover illustration does not depict Pelargonium cotyledonis (as erroneously claimed on the inside cover) but Erodium cheilanthifolium – with apologies to John Beaulieu, our illustrator-in-residence, and of course to all of you, for this oversight.


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  1. I was interested to read part of your report of the Survey that states: “The Committee was particularly interested to hear that the Members would appreciate to continue to receive the printed Newsletter, but would also appreciate to have access to digitised past issues – we will endeavour to make this possible in the future. Many of you are also interested to write more for the Newsletter, which is truly excellent. The Members appreciate Group activities in the following order (from most to least appreciated): (i) Seed Exchange, (ii) Newsletter, (iii) Facebook Group, (iv) Website and Forum, (v) Meetings.” and particularly the bit about “… Members would appreciate to continue to receive the printed Newsletter…” and then to learn that the IGG will not be doing just that!?#$!!??? Indeed the most important thing this “group” should be doing is transmitting information about our chosen plant and even more so when last year’s PAGS disturbing AGM 2018 Minutes records (and I quote: “There is a constant, steady decline in the number of our Affiliated Societies, Peterborough, Ipswich, Farnborough in Hampshire and Cambridge the latest casualties since our previous AGM.” The same is happening throughout Australia where Societies and pelargoniums nurserys are closing down and all that specialist knowledge of a specialist Society is being lost. From what I have seen of IGG on Facebook this past year I am not encouraged by just the showing of sometimes indeciferable photographs of unknown unnamed pelargoniums on the one hand and on the other hand those obvious experts and knowledgeable ones displaying their naming capacities with all these very odd and most unusual pelargonium names from locations that no-one states and who knows where and at whatever unknown season of the the year for them. I understand there are well over 1000 IGG members but how long will that last with this unhelpful set of Facebook so-called “contributions”. There is very little transferring of knowledge just useless unnamed pictures and chatter. At least the printed Newsletter was a “permanent” record of information to go back to and re-read and not just vague stuff that only gets lost on Facebook. [PS The e-mail box will not allow ALL of my name to be lower case letters.]

    1. Dear James,
      Thank you for your comment, much appreciated. Sorry to hear that you didn’t get the link to the survey, we contacted all the members via email.
      The survey data has shown that 60% of the members would be happy with an entirely online Newsletter, but there was obviously also a good proportion of those who wouldn’t.
      Having an online Newsletter has many advantages, not least that it is electronically translatable, which is important given that a good proportion of our members are not native English speakers.
      Other benefits are lower costs (financial and environmental) as well as less time needed to pack and post. At times when fewer and fewer members can donate time to the Group, going online has become the only viable option. Note that we will still be depositing library copies for archival purposes and you will still be able to print out and read the Newsletters off-line. However, do note that we will be publishing one full colour printed journal issue per year, so not all joy is gone!
      We understand your criticism of social media, but you may be pleased to hear that we have seen many new members joining the Group since we started to use Facebook in earnest. We are hoping to provide an archive of Facebook contributions, as there are numerous photographs that are being shared from nature, and these would be excellent to archive we believe.
      In short, please do understand that we are trying to do our best with the resources that we have, and that the resource we lack most is people’s time. Anyone willing to contribute would be most welcome.
      We are also really hoping that the new journal will be welcomed by the members. All in good time.
      Kind regards,

  2. Your PS of “PS. Many of you will note that the cover illustration does not depict Pelargonium cotyledonis, but Erodium cheilanthifolium – with apologies to John Beaulieu, our illustrator-in-residence, and of course to all of you, for this oversight.” is puzzling! Why would you expect readers to infer what you write and why was that an oversight. I just don’t understand what this is all about – was there a prior statement or what – where?

    My PS: So as you can see I am getting off with you on the wrong foot by my criticisms. I will always be like this because I behave like this with all organizations I am associated with because I expect the best and not confusion. I am also somewhat uptight today because I have only just located your newsletter of year 2017 survey report and I have no recollections of being consulted although I have been member of IGG for at least four years. [PPS As before the e-mail system will not allow me to use ALL lower case letters for my address.]

    1. Dear James,
      Many thanks again, and apologies if the note wasn’t quite understandable. The PS statement has now been rephrased.

  3. I have been trying to get through to order some seeds this morning but find it impossible, can you help please?

    1. Hello Dorothy, I will send you the Seed List by email, hopefully this will help. Regards, Matt.

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