Do browse our galleries of Geraniaceae: we are continuously working to replace old photographs with better ones, especially as our members travel far and wide, and more and more fascinating images are becoming available from natural habitats. On the other hand, some photographs have become of historic interest, particularly those of hybrids, and these may be of continued interest even if the standard of their quality is less than what would be considered usual nowadays.

We would be excited to include new photographs! If you would like to contribute, please do consider using a neutral, grey background to reduce contrast. For the same reason, it is useful to take photographs using diffuse light, rather than strong sunlight or flash lighting. It is very useful if all the details are photographed that are required to ID a plant: flower, leaf, stem, and any other characteristics. If you do have images to share, please write to the admin.

Latest Galleries (29 June 2021)

Pelargonium luteopetalum

Pelargonium oenothera

Pelargonium pilosellifolium

Pelargonium tabulare

Pelargonium triphyllum

P. fulgidum x P. anethifolium


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Pelargonium A

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Pelargonium C

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Pelargonium G-K

Pelargonium L-M

Pelargonium O-Q

Pelargonium R-S

Pelargonium T-Z


Sarcocaulon A-Z

Species Hybrids

Erodium hybrids

Pelargonium hybrids A-F

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Sarcocaulon hybrids

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