The main aim of the Group is to bring together everyone interested in the species (and primary, or inter-species hybrids) of all the Geraniaceae family. While you can read more about what we do here, the formal Constitution of the Group is as follows:

  1. The aim of the Group shall be to encourage interest in the Geraniaceae family by providing Members of the Group with publications, website, social media, meetings and, where appropriate, plant material. Any profit arising from activities of the Group shall be used for furthering these aims.
  2. Management of the Group shall be in the hands of a Management Committee. Members of the Management Committee shall be the Chairman, the Deputy Chairman, the Membership Secretary, the Seed Exchange Manager, the Cultivar Registrar.
  3. Membership of the Group will be open to individuals who have paid the Annual Membership Fee. The Annual Membership Fee will be set from time to time by the Management Committee, to reflect the varying costs involved with an international Membership.  The Year of Membership shall commence from the time of payment of the first Annual Membership Fee and shall cease 12 months later.
  4. Membership of the Group shall entitle the Member, during the year of Membership, to four editions of the Group Newsletter free of charge, to the seed list, and to the restricted sections of the Group website.  From time to time the Group may have available other publications which will be provided to Members to purchase at a list price, plus packing and postal costs.

The International Geraniaceae Group is a not-for-profit organisation of individuals, i.e. an unincorporated association under UK law.

The current Committee members are as follows:

Chairman – David Victor
Deputy Chairman – Matija Strlic
Membership Secretary – Ben Coultrup
Seed Exchange Manager – Alan Butler
Cultivar Registrar – Tim Fuller