Higher Night Temperatures Lead to Shorter Vegetative Periods in Section Hoarea, by Jan Movitz and Matija Strlič

The Tennis-racket Otidia, by Matija Strlič


The Laxum Conundrum, by Matija Strlič

One man’s Rubble is another man’s Rock Garden, by John Beaulieu

Pete’s Pots and Plants, by Pete Liekkio


Re-tracking the Thick-footed Pelargonium, by Matija Strlič

Portrait of John Lavranos, a Pelargonium plantsman, by Matija Strlič

Visit to UK National Collection of Xerophytic Pelargoniums, by Matija Strlič


Otidias, or the Story of Dürer’s Rhino, by Matija Strlič

Shrubby Pelargoniums of Coastal Richtersveld, by Matija Strlič

Botanizing with Bettie Marais, by Matija Strlič

Growing Pelargonium Species, by Matija Strlič


Erodium telavivense in cultivation, by Chris Stevenson

Hybridizing with Pelargonium Species – 2, by William Morris


How we found Pelargonium tricolor in the wild, by Elena Ioganson


Pelargonium species in South Africa, by Elena Ioganson

Geranium sessiliflorum in Chile, by Dominique Evrard


A Pelargonium species exhibition in Sweden, by Vered A. Mann

Pelargonium sp. Loeriesfontein?, by Pete Liekkio

Pelargonium cotyledonis and Pelargonium cotyledonis ‘Ventnor’, by Vered A. Mann


Monsonia nivea and Monsonia heliotropioides in South Israel, by Ori Fragman-Sapir


Pelargonium incarnatum wild in South Africa, by Jean-Pierre Trivi

Developing the Lara Zonartic Hybrids (1985-2006), by Cliff Blackman


Faszinierende Schönheiten: Wildpelargonien, by Anita Schweig-Bourg

Erodium from Tunisia, by Prof. Guy-Georges Guittonneau

2007 and earlier

Pelargonium aridum x Pelargonium barklyi, by Cliff Blackman

Geranium saxatile: specimens from the Herbarium of St. Petersburg, by Galina Gussarova and Peter F. Yeo

Geranium bohemicum, by Marisa Amadio

Geranium tuberosum, by Photos Richard Riedy

Geranium biuncinatum, by Rein ten Klooster

Raising Pelargoniums from seed by the sprouting method, by Cliff Blackman

Hybridizing with Pelargonium species. The Lara Hybrids., by Cliff Blackman

Pelargonium x zonartic, by Cliff Blackman

Pelargonium ‘Kavushan’ (P. endlicherianum x P. quercetorum), by Richard Riedy

Pelargonium endlicherianum in wild, by Richard Riedy

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