Excellent news for anyone interested in growing Oxalis: we still have some species bulbils available from the 2018 IGG Seed List, and are eager to distribute them at the start of the winter growing season.

Please note that this is an offer of Oxalis bulbs only, no seeds. Any leftover seeds from 2018 will be offered with the new list in early 2019.

Your IGG Admin.


2 Comments on “Oxalis Bulbs Now Available to IGG Members”

  1. If these are the bulbils I sent last year, they are likely to be dead by now, and should be deposited in the trash. There will be fresh material in the new distribution.
    Love, g.

    1. Hi Greig, thanks so much for the new offer, please do send more 🙂 Some of last year’s are not greening up and it would be a shame not to distribute them, but good to hear that you can contribute more, many thanks.

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