Dear IGG Members,

we are delighted to announce that the 2018/2019 IGG Seed List has been released, with an incredible number of entries: as many as 720 species and collections.

Each member is able to order up to 30 packs of seeds. Please do ensure that you are a fully paid up IGG member before ordering. Do make sure you order quickly to avoid disappointment, as most orders are received in the first 24 hours! For instructions on how to order, please see this page (Members only).

We are hugely grateful to Alan Butler, the IGG Seed List Manager, for assembling such an impressive and rich list for our Members.


Your Admin.


One Comment on “Seed List 2018/2019 out today!”

  1. Well done Alan, cannot wait to see the list. From now on every year will be even more exciting.

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