From spring 2019 on, the International Geraniaceae Group publishes the Newsletter exclusively online, while one annual issue, the Geraniaceae Journal, will be printed in full colour and distributed by post from 2021 on. The Newsletter is the main means by which members exchange and receive information.

Read Newsletter no. 166, Autumn 2022 (Members only)

All Members are encouraged to participate, with articles or just short notes either to the Newsletter or to this website. Supporting images should be provided as jpeg files wherever possible.

Observations on cultivation, propagation, notes on habitats, climate, soils, pests, reports of meetings, conventions, and research relating to the Geraniaceae that would be of interest to the members, all are very much wanted for the Newsletter.

Newsletter archive (Members only)

The Newsletters have been digitised and archived to be made available “in perpetuity”: the Newsletter archive (Members only) has been made available since 1981 until two years ago.

Sample Newsletter

If not a Member, why not have a look at one of our recent Newsletters below? This issue might be particularly interesting as it covers the techniques of sowing pelargoniums and their cultivation.