We are delighted to report that the proposal by our member Mr. Florent Grenier, France, on “Pollination syndromes, biological species concept, and Pelargonium sect. Hoarea taxonomy”, has been accepted for funding.

In the proposed fieldwork in Namaqualand in South Africa, Mr. Grenier will study populations of Pelargonium grenvillae, P. sericifolium and P. caroli-henrici and their pollinators. Within the same species sister populations have been observed with specific characteristics such as flowering time, colour of the petals, the nectar guides and shape of the tubes suggesting different pollinators for different populations and thus indicative of speciation.

The planned study is of great botanical interest, not only for the curiosity of understanding how floral traits influence the pollination ecology, but also because it has direct applications in the taxonomy and the understanding of speciation processes in the Pelargonium genus.

The results of Mr. Grenier´s research will be written up as an article for the IGG Newsletter and published on the IGG website in 2019.

The full report on the Small Grant Scheme will be available in the Autumn IGG Newsletter.

Jan Movitz and Matija Strlic,

IGG Small Grants Scheme Evaluation Committee 2018.


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