Dear IGG Members,
I am delighted to announce the Autumn 2021 Newsletter, no. 162.
The Newsletter announces the 2021 Seed Exchange and as always, has a short report on our social media presence. We celebrate the 2021 Small Grant Awardees, Dr Mehmet Fırat and Robert Niklasson.
An article by Judith Lundberg-Felten reports on pelargonium podcasts and there is a longer report and commentary of a recent publication of two new Pelargonium species: P. hammansbergense and P. roseopetalum.
To access the Newsletter, please follow the link (for paid up members only):
As usual, available in pdf and html.
Matija Strlic, IGG Chair.
NB. With sincere apologies for a week’s delay in the publication of this Newsletter.

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