Dear IGG Members,

the next online meeting of the International Geraniaceae Group will take place on the 15th of September 2021, using the ZOOM platform. Matija Strlic will explore Geraniaceae at the very North-Western tip of the winter rainfall region and on the margins of the vast Namib desert, in his talk “Enduring the Extremes of SW Namib”.

The exact time and joining instructions will be sent by email to all paid up members in due time.

Please do consider attending – nothing more is needed than a regular smartphone or laptop, with speakers and a microphone. If you are less familiar with ZOOM, please have a look at here. Just follow the link shared in the email you received from Ben, our Membership Secretary, and either listen in, or take part actively.

If you have missed the previous two talks, the recordings are available in the Meetings section of our website.

With best wishes,

Your Admin.


2 Comments on “4th IGG Web Meeting on 15/09/2021”

  1. I of course grow roxanne but have another beauty, cant remember where it came from, it has black foliage with white flowers, I have managed to germinate one seed, would like to know more about it, and weather there are any other plants like these. Thanks.

    1. Dear George, it would seem that you are referring to garden hybrids – many of our members grow them, but the IGG is predominantly about botanical species. You may wish to try and ask the question in some of the Facebook groups that specialise in hybrids. Good luck! Admin.

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