“What do you do if you have reached page 21 and find that you missed two names out on page 9? Well, what I do now is tell the machine to insert the missing names – and then I can get IT to re-type the 12 pages. What is more, while it is at that, churning through the continuous stationary, I can be weeding the garden! A much more congenial task.”

If an IGG Member, you can now enjoy the archives of IGG Newsletters. Many articles make for really interesting reading, such as the above excerpt from an article on the use of computers in the early 80s. This rare glimpse into the early days of the horticultural society paints a picture of enthusiasm rich with knowledge in a time when international travel was still difficult and seeds were in rare supply.

This follows the Member survey conducted in October 2017, when the desire to have the archive available came through particularly strongly. For the time being, we have made the years 1981-1985 available and will add more in the future. We only request that the archives are not re-distributed.


Your IGG Admin.


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  1. Great! A new step into the world of e-journals. Although some information maybe outdated, I still am interested in the early articles and findings of everybody.

    1. Thank you Dyoke, we are slowly working to make all the archives available – there is quite a lot to be digitised, though the next five years should be available within the next week!
      IGG Admin.

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