We are delighted to be announcing the 2018 IGG Seed List.

The list is publicly available for anyone to browse. However, as always, only paid up Members of the International Geraniaceae Group can order seeds to their hearts content! All this at a very modest price, designed only to keep the IGG Seed Exchange programme economically self-sustainable.

Do have a look, make a selection, and send your wish list to the Seed List Manager. You will then obtain a confirmation by email and a request to pay, which you can easily do through this webpage (available to Members only). Please hurry up as some seeds are in short supply!

Upon receipt of payment, the seeds will be sent by post.

Please kindly see the disclaimers on this webpage.

Happy sowing – please let us know about your successes!

Your IGG Admin.


PS. With apologies, the originally posted Seed List did not list the names of two very distinguished donors: KK – Katya Kotskaya, and WB – William Baird. This has been corrected.


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  1. Hello, just a quick note that we are no longer taking orders from the 2018 Seed List, and are now gratefully accepting any leftover seed from members for inclusion in the 2019 Seed List.

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