Dear IGG Members,

we are delighted to announce that the Spring 2019 (no. 153) has been published and is available via the Newsletter page.

Edited by David Victor, this is the first Group Newsletter that has been published exclusively online. It is available both as a pdf, convenient for printing and reading off-line, and as a webpage, which is convenient for those Members whose first language is not English and would like to read it in their own language (just right-click anywhere in the webpage).

We are truly grateful to David for having seen the Newsletter through this important transition.

Furthermore, we are pleased to say that preparations are in full course to publish our new, full-colour Geraniaceae Journal in spring 2020. This will be a print-only journal with articles of slightly more technical nature and fully illustrated, and will be, of course, distributed by post to all our paid-up Members.

Enjoy reading!

Your IGG Admin.


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