Following last year’s success with the IGG Small Grant Award, the IGG Management Team is again excited to be able to offer funding for research or promotion of IGG aims in 2019/2020.

In line with the mission of the IGG, we would like the outcomes of such research to benefit both the Group’s aims and its members in the form of a report made available for publication in our Newsletter and online.

We expect to make available up to £500 for one proposal or more (to the total amount of £500). For proposals to be eligible for funding, they need to consist of:

  1. Up to a 500-word description of the planned work. This should have a clear justification why the work is needed, how it will improve the understanding of Geraniaceae or popularize and promote the plant family, what exactly the proposed work will entail, when and how the recipient will report on the activities during the project. It is expected that the projects normally take less than a year to complete.
  2. A clear budget: how will the recipient use the requested funding, and if the requested funding is not sufficient for the activity to be undertaken in its entirety, how will the rest of the required funding be ensured. Typical eligible expenses include travel and accommodation costs, small tools, software, consumables etc. This section should also clarify how the funds should be transferred to the recipient. The grant cannot be used as personal remuneration.
  3. Clear description of the output(s). At least one of the outputs needs to be written in the form of a report that can be publishable in the IGG Newsletter and on the IGG website.

The proposals could include activities such as visits to herbaria, botanical gardens or wild localities in order to study taxa in cultivation or in the wild, production of botanical illustrations, activities to ethnographically document practices related to the genus (ethnobotanical research), or to do a piece of research into the history of cultivation. However, please do not let these ideas limit your imagination!

The proposals will be evaluated by a Committee consisting of a member of the IGG Management Team, and of two IGG members with significant expertise in Geraniaceae. Neither the Committee nor the Management Team members are eligible for funding.

Please submit your proposals to by 1 June 2019.

The proposals will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Fit to the IGG mission
  2. Financial risk to IGG
  3. Quality of the project outcome(s)

The Evaluation Committee will make the details of the winning proposal(s) publicly available no later than mid-July. The approved funding can be used immediately after this announcement is made.

Matija Strlic, Jan Movitz, Florent Grenier

IGG Small Grant Scheme Evaluation Committee 2019


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