We support horticulture, study and conservation of Geraniaceae through the following:

  1. We arrange meetings and visits with other Members, growers and collectors to exchange information, discuss and learn more about the Geraniaceae family. We welcome news of such events.
  2. We encourage Members to contribute to our Newsletter, the website Forum and the Facebook Group. We welcome news about trips to see plants in habitat, methods of culture and success in cultivation and species that are of interest to other Members.
  3. We encourage Members to provide seeds to our annual Seed Exchange and to grow seeds provided by other Members to ensure that rare species stay in cultivation or are re-introduced to cultivation.
  4. We encourage the use of botanically correct names and the correct identification of plants in cultivation, by providing a wide range of material from the Group Bookshop and resources on the Group website.
  5. We promote conservation of the Geraniaceae in their habitats by providing articles in the Newsletter and other publications and by ensuring that wild material that is in cultivation stays in cultivation. We discourage disclosure of any location details for endangered or threatened species and collection of plant material from habitat that is not in line with local laws.