To be able to import small amounts of seeds into the USA, you need an import permit from the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (Aphis). General information on seeds importation is found here.

How to Apply for a Small Lots of Seed Permit

For fastest turnaround time apply on-line.

On the permit application select “None of the Above” for regulated article name from the dropdown and write in “Eligible Taxa” in the blank line for “other name”. Then do not select any countries and type in “Various Approved Countries” and then check plant part seeds and select intended use “Small Lots of Seeds” from the drop-down.

Once this is sent to Aphis they will send you a permit and labels good for 3 years. Aphis sends 8 labels (#1 to #8), each label can only be used once so keep track of your labels. Email the permit and the Green and Yellow labels (in PDF format) to the Seed Manager and tell him which label to use. The Seed List Manager will then will print the permit and the selected label and insert the label on the outside of the seed packet above your name and address and enclose the permit and a seed list in the package.

The Seed List Manager will send you a list of the plant reference numbers you are receiving and a list of all seed donors and the countries where the seeds were produced. To save him time prepare a seed list describing all reference numbers, the scientific names and country of seed origin. Send this list also back to the Seed Manager to enclose in the seed packet.

Example of a seed list

International Geraniaceae Group
Chapel Leigh Farm House
Chapel Leigh
Taunton, Somerset TA4 3RB

Seeds being imported to the USA by [insert your name and adress], from the International Geraniaceae Group 2020 annual seed exchange. The seeds are collected by members from cultivated stock in the countries listed. Item numbers refer to seed packet numbers. If you have any questions about the order, please contact [insert your name and telephone number].
1874 – Erodium ciconium – United Kingdom
1885 – Geranium erianthum – the Netherlands
1902 – Monsonia emarginata – Sweden
1929 – Pelargonium alchemilloides – Spain
2155 – Pelargonium inquinans – Slovenia
2344 – Pelargonium reniforme – Germany
2440 – Sarcocaulon crassicaule – Taiwan

Jan Movitz (
Seed List Manager
Berthågavägen 9A
752 60 Uppsala