The Journal of the International Geraniaceae Group is published annually in full colour, and is posted to all members free of charge. The first issue of the Journal is planned in early 2020.

ISSN 2712-2506


Articles for the Geraniaceae Journal should focus on any aspect of Geraniaceae species or primary hybrids, including systematics, ecology, history and use of plants in any country where Geraniaceae are indigenous. The content of an article may not be entirely or specifically related to Geraniaceae, but there should be a clear focus on Geraniaceae habitats, conservation or cultivation, relevant to Geraniaceae. We welcome technical as well as popular science articles alike, and encourage the use of accessible language with the aim to popularize the Geraniaceae family. Typical article types may include new species descriptions, ecological studies, e.g. pollination ecology, general habitat descriptions and similar. Some article types may require a formal scientific structure, but this may not be always applicable.


Florent Grenier, University of Stellenbosch

Dr Ernst van Jaarsveld, Babylonstoren Botanical Garden

Dr Anso Le Roux, University of Stellenbosch

Dr Elisabeth Marais, University of Stellenbosch

Dr Timo van der Niet, University of Kwazulu-Natal

Dr Matija Strlic, International Geraniaceae Group


Please access the Guidelines for Authors here.