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The Group was formed in 1981  to bring together as many people as possible who are interested in the species ( and primary, or inter-species hybrids) of all the Geraniaceae, especially core genera Erodium, Geranium, Pelargonium and Monsonia & Sarcocaulon; to encourage interest in growing plants, and also to encourage the exchange of information between members.

The formal Constitution of the Group is as follows:

The Geraniaceae Group


1. The aim of the Group shall be to encourage interest in the Geraniaceae family by providing Members of the Group with publications, meetings and, where appropriate, plant material.  Any profit arising from activities of the Group shall be used for furthering these aims.
2. Management of the Group shall be in the hands of a Management Committee.  Members of the Management Committee shall be the Treasurer, the Membership Secretary, the Editor, the Seed Secretary, the Meetings Secretary, the Publications Secretary, the Internet Secretary and the Forum Moderator.  A Chairman shall be appointed by and from this group for any formal meeting.
3. Membership of the Group will be open to individuals who have paid the Annual Membership Fee.  The Annual Membership Fee will be set from time to time by the Management Committee, to reflect the varying costs involved with an international Membership.  The Year of Membership shall commence from the time of payment of the first Annual Membership Fee and shall cease 12 months later.
4. Membership of the Group shall entitle the Member, during the year of Membership, to four editions of the Group News  free of charge.  From time to time the Group may have available other publications which will be provided to Members to purchase at a list price, plus packing and postal costs.
5. The Treasurer shall arrange for banking facilities with a UK clearing bank.  Cheques shall have two signatories agreed by the Management Committee.  All expenses spent on behalf of the Group may be recovered from the Group, subject to the provision of suitable receipts.  The Treasurer shall keep suitable books of account and publish an annual account in the Group News.



Our aims



Geranium x oxonianum 'Hollywood'


To support our constitution:

1.      We arrange meetings and visits with other Members, cultivators and collection holders to exchange information, discuss and learn more about the Geraniaceae family.  We welcome news of such events for the Group Newsletter.

2.      We encourage Members to contribute articles to our Group Newsletter about their trips to see plants in habitat, their methods of culture and success in cultivation and species that they think would be of interest to other Members.

3.      We encourage Members to provide seeds to our annual seed exchange and to grow seeds provided by other Members to ensure that rare species stay in cultivation or are re-introduced to cultivation.

4.      We encourage the use of botanically correct names and the correct identification of plants in cultivation, by providing a wide range of material from the Group Bookshop.

5.      We promote conservation of the Geraniaceae in their wild habitats by providing articles in the News and other publications and by ensuring that wild material that is in cultivation stays in cultivation.


  Day-to-day management of the Group is carried out by a small group of individuals, as follows:


Editor and Treasurer: David Victor
Membership: Peter Starling
Seed Distribution: Alan Butler
Group meetings: Syd Reed
Book sales: Richard Clifton
Webmaster: Marisa Amadio
Forum Moderator: Katya Kotskaya




The Group Newsletter

The Group newsletter, which all members receive four times in their subscription year, is the main means by which members exchange and receive information. All members are encouraged to participate, with articles or just short notes either to the Group newsletter or to this website. Supporting images should be provided as jpeg's wherever possible. Observations on cultivation, propagation, notes on habitats, climate, soils, pests, reports of meetings, conventions, and research relating to the Geraniaceae that would be of interest to the members, all are very much wanted for  the News or, if technical, our Associates Notes. We very much rely on the members to keep the newsletter full and interesting!

Select any of the years to have a look at contents.


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2005 - 2006 - 2007




Meetings and Events

Calendar of meetings for 2017 

For any queries concerning the Calendar please contact Sydney Reed, Geraniaceae Group Meetings Secretary   


  Subscription rates for 2017  

UK 10.00
EUROPE 12.00 (or Euro 20.00)
OTHER OVERSEAS    15.00 (or US $ 25.00)

The additional cost for overseas membership is to cover air mail postage for correspondance

Remittances from overseas are payable in Pounds Sterling . We recommend that they are made through our PayPal facilities, which allows sterling payments to be settled by the sender in their local currency. Such payments should be made to :

Alternatively, payments may be made by International Money Orders (IMO) or, for items less than Euro 60, by Eurocheque


To join the group, you need to complete a Membership Application Form. This can be downloaded by clicking HERE  (.doc)

If you are paying by PayPal, please email the form to the following, alternatively, please send it by mail to him with your Membership Fee


Peter Starling,
22 Northfields,
Cambridge CB3 0QG
email :


Membership runs for 12 months and includes 4 Newsletters, 1 Seed Distribution, the full, discounted Book List and any discounts.

All ideas, information and opinions, expressed or implied, appearing in this web site are those of the contributors themselves and do not necessarily represent the views of The Geraniaceae Group



Please, send comments, questions and suggestions regarding this web site to Marisa Amadio at 

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