If you want to know more about the Geraniaceae Group members, please look at their very interesting web sites :

Erodium L'Hér ex Ait , by Dyoke van Assum. In Dutch.

David Barrett's Web Sites, by David Barrett

A not so simple garden, a blog of Ernie De Marie, New York

Tropaeolum 2001 by John McFarlane

Pelargoniums - More Wild than Tame ( Главная - Пеларгонии), by Elena Ioganson. Personal website about Pelargonium species and primary hybrids. Many species described and beautifully portrayed. See also Mrs. Ioganson's  blog about Pelargoniums  Видовые пеларгонии, Pelargonium species. Both sites in Russian. 

Botanischer Garten Münster/ Munster Botanical Garden/ Ботанический сад Мюнстера - visiting the Botanical Garden and the Pelargonium collection through the beautiful photos of Elena Ioganson on Flickr. See also the new photographic report The Pelargonium Species on my Route-  South Africa 2016 on Flickr

Tsukiko's Jungle Garden, by Miho Iseki .In Japanese; very interesting photographic reports on Pelargonium species  seedlings, starting with  their first days of life)

Petrei-Pelargonie, by Petr Reichelt. Personal website about Pelargoniums and not only. Extensive photo gallery. Remarkable both the sections about Pelargonium species and primary hybrids in cultivation. In Czech.

Geraniums, by Rein ten Klooster. A space for Geraniums in the Groei & Bloei - Breda department website. A-Z list with info from a keen collector and lovely photos. In Dutch.

Geraniaceae, by Robin Parer

The Pelargonium Page , by Matija Strlic. A reference point  for Pelargonium species. Many descriptions, maps and photos. Not to miss the Pelargonium Notes blog including  a much enjoyable post about a visit to David Victor's  UK National Collection of Xerophytic Pelargoniums

Again from The Pelargonium Page by Matija Strlic: the Reading section is a very interesting list of recent scientific literature on Pelargonium species including many original documents available under Creative Commons licenses 

Spirits Of Garden , by Anita Schweig-Bourg . Personal blog about Anita's English garden in Luxembourg.

Geranium Collectie, by M. van der Veer-de Vries. Photo album of Geranium species & cultivars, excellent for completeness and quality. In  Dutch

Perfect Pelargoniums , a blog to share the love of Pelargoniums,  by Gwen Ward.

Anne Wilkinson, Historian & Authorintroducing the book The Passion for Pelargoniums – how they found their place in the garden

National Plants Collections

Cambridge University Botanic Garden The garden has a National Collection of Geraniums that "grew out of the research work of Dr Peter Yeo, taxonomist at the Garden for 40 years.."

L'Essentiel sur les Geraniums Vivaces , by Dominique Evrard, holder of the French National Collection of Geraniums in Normandy, France. Excellent data base of about 1500 taxons. Many photos and images of herbarium specimens. In French.  

The Pelargonium Museum and the Swedish National Pelargonium Collection , by Maria-Pilar Herraiz. A quite special Museum located in a lovely old church building: 257 pelargonium species and over 3 500 different pelargonium cultivars to discover. Site in Swedish. 

National Collection of Pelargoniums at Fibrex Nurseries, UK

National Collection of Xerophytic Pelargonium, holder David Victor, UK  

Search the National Plant Collections in the UK , by Plant Heritage - National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens 

Other Geraniaceae websites and blogs

Cok Grootscholten Succulent World, sharing lot of pictures from the Netherlands,Westland - Interesting Pelargonium album. Thanks to Allan Robinson for suggesting this site.

Geranium a section from a South Korean blog sharing many lovely pictures of Geranium species from N.E Asia.  Thanks to Allan Robinson for suggesting this site.

Pelargonium Edgar's Site , by J. Edgar Marthinsen , Norway. Excellent pictures of Pelargonium species and species hybrids, with notes. 

Algera - Tuingeraniums / winterharde geraniums, by Willy Muyildermans, Belgium. A nursery specialized in hardy geraniums.

Alex Bunakoff's web site (Russian site about cacti and succulents; pictures of P.rapaceum and S. multifidum)

Geert Lambrechts Geraniums, by Geert Lambrecht 

Erodiums , by David E. Green, UK. Index and pictures.  

Marks Garden Plants , by Mark Smyth

www.geranium.at , by Katrin Lugerbauer  (German hardy geranium website) 

Mensuma, by Remie Pama. A nursery web site. Large selection of hardy geraniums available. In Dutch.

A heavenly Storksbill...Erodium absinthoides ssp? From "Prairiebreak", a blog by Panayoti Kelaidis, here is a post about a really amazing Erodium,  with a reply from Allan Robinson

Seed Sources

Silverhill Seeds

Other Societies 

PAGS - The Pelargonium & Geranium Society , UK

Hardy Plant Society Specialist Groups : The Hardy Geranium Group , UK

International Geranium Society, USA

GeraniumsOnLine : Central Coast Geranium Society , California USA

Pelargonium-Club.com , a Russian Pelargonium fan club with forum.

Dansk Pelargonie Selskab (Denmark)

Svenska Pelargonsällskapet (Sweden)

NPGV - Nederlandse Pelargonium en Geraniumvereniging (The Netherlands). Completely renewed 

The Alpin Garden : ! Geranium farrerii   ! Flora of Mount Ruapehu

Articles and Publications

  Aperçu sur la Taxonomie, l’Ecologie et la Phylogénie du genre Erodium L'Her. dans le bassin méditerranéen , by Prof. Guy-Georges Guittonneau : synthesis of recent works on the genus Erodium L'Her. with determination keys of the main species and their distribution in the Mediterranean area. Most enlightening and comprehensive work,  beautifully illustrated. (File .pdf  downloadable)

  Pacific Bulb Society - PBS Wiki: Pelargoniums : excellent information and pictures about the geophytic Pelargoniums species, from David Victor

Geranium Taxonomic Information System (Dr. Carlos Aedo)  

Herbaria, Florae, Habitats

The Virtual Herbarium of Lake Van Basin - Erodium absinthoides WILLD subsp. armenum (TRAUTV.)DAVIS photographed in the wild - Thanks to Allan Robinson for suggesting this site.

Flowers in Israel - Geraniaceae family, pictures and data

Flores silvestres del Mediterraneo (blog)- Erodium primulaceum and other Geraniaceae

Parque natural de las Sierras de Cazorla on Waste magazine on line- photos and data about Geranium cazorlense and Erodium cazorlanum

 iSpot Southern Africa - Observations in the family Geraniaceae. Many species photographed in the wild.  

Collecting in Kyrgykstan - Geranium saxatile Kar. et Kir and Geranium collinum Willdenow

Wildflowers of Turkey - Erodium absinthoides . Beautiful close up pictures. Thanks to Allan Robinson for suggesting this site.

Flora Iberica. Plantas vasculares de la Península Ibérica e Islas Baleares  

Flore illustrée du Djebel Antar et de sa région , Prof. Abderrazak Marouf, Université d'Oran, Algerie : beautiful homage to the nature of Djebel Antar with an excellent photo of Erodium cheilanthifolium ssp. antariense on the main page.   Thanks to Prof. G.G. Guittonneau for suggesting this web site.


From Acta Plantarum, a project about the Flora of the Italian Regions: the Geraniaceae family. Excellent pictures of plants in habitat, location data, botanical descriptions and discussion forum. In Italian.

Flora delle Alpi Marittime : data base about the Flora of the Maritime Alps (photos of Erodium rodiei , Geranium rivulare and others). In Italian.

Hendes Majestæt Dronning Ingrids Herbarium 

Asianflora , Cédric Basset, France. Really excellent site. Don't miss the Geraniaceae section!

Literature Database

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew ePIC  

MBG W3TROPICOS (Nomenclature Database and associated authority files)

The International Plant Names Index

The Index to American Botanical Literature Database

  NYBG Mertz Library   

American Journal of Botany (search for articles)

Hortax - The Horticultural Taxonomy Group : to learn more about how plants are named (with the help of a  discussion forum, too)


Andrew Broome's Oxalis Site

Pacific Bulb Society- PbsWiki - Oxalis

Mr. Impatiens' Website, Derick Pitman, USA.


The Seed Site - all about growing from seed; some interesting photos of Geranium seedlings 

Flowering Plant Families, UH Botany


Internet Directory for Botany

GardenWeb Directory

Scott's Botanical Links


LinkLane.com's Plants Links Page

Botanic Gardens

Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid

Missouri Botanical Garden

Royal Botanic Gardens- Kew

Museen der Universität Münster Botanischer Garten

Botanic Garden of Smith College

Royal Botanic Garden-Edinburgh 


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