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Updated 19 October 2017



Pelargonium: the Sections, Historically Reviewed, collated by Richard Clifton, 2000. ISBN 1-899742-46-8

size A5, 12.00, p&p 1.20, 230 gms

The full story to 1996, an examination of botanists' conflicting views & inadequate data, as published.

Taxonomic studies in Pelargonium Section Hoarea, by Dr E.M.Marais , ISBN 1-899742-42-5

A4, 358 pages, 60 species illustrated full-page in black & white. Artist Ellaphie Ward-Hilhorst. 60, p&p 3.50. 1000gms

Tuberous species, excluding DNA and chromosome data; chapters on taxonomy, pollen, comparative morphology, maps, ecology, synonymy. Full monographic treatment, despite which, perhaps 27 new species have been found since 1993.

Pelargonium Section Polyactium, by R.Clifton,1998, ISBN 1-899742-35-2 

size A5 , 40 pages, 9.00, p&p 75p

Complete examination of botanists' conflicting views and inadequate data for these usually tuberous species, with a checklist of names, synonyms and hybrids.

Inter-species Hybrids of Pelargonium , compiled by Richard Clifton 

A4 format, 50 pages, 15, p&p 1.20

Sections by chromosome in preface. Section and chromosome number for each species, then hybrid record if any.

The Natural Habitat and Cultivation of some Southern African Succulent Pelargoniums, by Charles Craib, 1992

A5 booklet, 25 pages, 10.00, p&p incl


Pelargonium Cultivars

The Wisley Guide to Pelargoniums, by Hazel Key, 1993.

Wisley Guide layout, colour pics, cultivars only; 3.95, p&p 1.00, 130gms.

The Passion for Pelargoniums , by Dr. Anne Wilkinson, 2007; ISBN-13: 9780-7509-4428-1

17.00 p&p 3.00, 850 gms

Pelargonium history and people, narrative; not a reference book but a great read.

Pelargonium: Extract from RHS 1800-1901 by Richard Clifton, 2007

A5 book, 408 pages, 18.00, p&p 2.00, 610 gms

Including the Trials; Cultivar index; analysys of state of RHS affairs at each volume.

Zonal Pelargoniums: A History at 1896 

A5 book, 148 pages, 18, p&p 1.60, 400 gms

H. Dauthenay translated A5 book, French page on right, English on Left; about 5000 Zonal Pelargoniums traced for France; development of doubles, dwarfs, giants, colored leaf "races".



Hardy Geraniums, by Dr P.F.Yeo, edn.2, ISBN (UK) 0-7134-8500-0.

218 pages, 206 illustr.( 56 in colour) , 

Hardback: 25.00, p&p 5.00 1020 gms

Paperback: 20.00, p&p 3.00, 860 gms

This is THE work on geraniums in cultivation. Each species meticulously described with discussion of cultivars and hybrids.

Revision of Geranium subgenus Erodioidea, by Dr, C. Aedo, Syst. Bot.Mon.49,1996. ISBN 0-912861-49-5

103 pages, b&w illus., 15.00, p&p 1.60, 290gms

This is largely the "G. cinereum complex" with a few others that seem morphologically related.

Gardening With Hardy Geraniums, by Birgitte Husted Bendtsen, English edition 2005

19.00, p&p 3.00, 900 gms. Brilliant colour plates.

The Gardener's Guide to Growing Hardy Geraniums, by T. Bath & J. Jones, 1994.

  19.00, p&p 2.90, 700gms

Lots of colour figs; chapters by varied growers.

My Experience Growing Hardy Geraniums, by Phoebe Noble, Canada 1994

40 pages near A4, b&w drawings, 9.50, p&p 1.20, 170gms

Canadian cultivation and garden advice.

The Wisley Guide to Hardy Geraniums, by Dr.D.Hibberd, 2003.

A5 booklet, 45 colour pictures, 8.00 p&p 1.00. 

A-Z cultivars list; plenty of good gardening advice.

RHS Wisley Geranium Trials 2004,5,6 by RHS Botanist Mr. Armitage

3 booklets A4 size in colour; 3.50 each, p&p incl.



The Genus Sarcocaulon, by Prof.Dr. R.O.Moffett

This monography is one of the 18 papers included in our title "Proceedings.." which see (50.00, p&p 4.00). Black & white illustrations, maps, taxonomy

Sarcocaulon Cultivation, by Richard Clifton, 1994

A5 Leaflet, 1.00 p&p incl.

All 14 species described.

Caudiciform Geraniaceae, Dr. A.Rodriguez, in The New Plantsman Dec.1999.

8 pages, 7.50 p&p 1.50.



Contribution a L'etude biosystematique du genre Erodium L'Her. dans le bassin mediterraneen occidental, by Prof.Dr. G.G.Guittonneau, 1972, Boissiera vol.20.

36.00, p&p 2.00, 350gms

In French, technical, this is the most comprehensive and recent work on the genus. A remarkable, painstaking, thorough examination of West Mediterranean species. N&S shores, including hybridisation studies and their evolutionary implications. The East Mediterranean species are unlikely ever to receive such good coverage, despite having this as a template for the work.

Erodium: Progress in Experimental Systematics, by Prof.Guittonneau, 1987

transl.sponsored by Dr.G.Robbins 1995, 8 page leaflet, 2.00, p&p incl.

Some further results after 1972

Nouvelle Interpretation de L'Erodium l'Espagne, by Guittonneau, Romero & Sanz, 1991

6.00, p&p incl.

In French, with the latest distribution map for Subsect. Petraea in Spain

Erodium in Garden Books 1857-1993

Geraniaceae Group Associated Note 21, 6.00 p&p incl.

Examines garden accounts for the genus; a critical review tracking errors.



Botany of the Geraniaceae - Historically Reviewed, by Richard Clifton, 1998. ISBN 1-899742-31-X

A5 size, 96 pages, 15.00, p&p 1.50, 170gms

Explains why the term "Family Geraniaceae" is imprecise and shows how the concepts developed and then fragmented.This is the full story to 1996.

Proceedings of the International Geraniaceae Symposium, Stellenbosch 1990, edited by Dr.P.Vorster,

Geraniaceae Group reprint 1994, ISBN 1-899742-11-5. 356 pages, b&w illus., 50.00, p&p 4.00, weight 1100gms.

18 papers; including Evolutionary trends by Dr. Yeo, Sarcocaulon by  Prof.Moffett's, Monsonia by Prof. Venter, Hypseocharis by Dr Link, etc.

Geraniaceae Knuth Tribes 2-3-4-5, (Geraniales Checklist series, vol.4) by Richard Clifton. ISBN 1-899742-4-9

24 pages, 6.00 p&p incl.

Compiled from botanical sources. Part 1: Geraniaceae Link (Biebersteinia, Rhyncotheca) and Vivianaceae Lefor (Viviania, Caesarea, Araeoandra, Cissarobryon); Part 2: Balbisia, Dirachma, (Aitonia), Wendtia.

Index to The Figures of Knuth, by Richard Clifton, 1995

8 pages, no ISBN 3.00 p&p incl.

Updates id's of the figures, from professional botanists' statements, to modern names + cross-index at end. A few comments but no text.

Geraniaceae & The Linnaeus Typification Project, compiled by Richard Clifton, 1999 ISBN 1-899742-38-7

A5 booklet. 20.00, p&p 1.60, about 320 gms.

224 pages pseudo-facsimiles, checklist, Typification data,checklists. Linnaeus began the Binomial System and many botanical names date from his publications; this sorts them out for "Geraniaceae"; typification data assisted by Dr.C.Jarvis, NHM. Includes Linnaeus's bibliography; facsimiles include Gen.Pl., Sp.Pl., Mant., Reg. Veg., Amoen.Acad., Suppl., & editions & versions

The "Geraniaceae" of Robert Sweet, 1820-1830, Index &Discussion. 

Group leaflet 1998, ISBN 1-899742-18-2, alpha & numeric indexes,12 pages, 6.00, p&p 75p.

Examines Sweet's colours and reporting 

Henry Andrews & Geraniaceae, 1798-1828, Index & Discussion. Edn 2 

Group booklet 2000, ISBN 1-899742-12-3, 32 pages, 6.00, p&p 75p.

Examines Andrews's colours, reporting and dating.

Back Issues of the Group News

2.00 each 1981-1990; 3.00 each 1991-.

Please specify issue n., or year & season, and allow for p&p. 



Geraniologia (Icones) by L'Heritier, 1792,

Facsimile reprint 1978. Folio book. 60.00, p&p 7.50, weight 1500gms.

These are the FIGURES by which L'Heritier meant to establish the "new" genera Pelargonium, Erodium.  40 black and white folio figures of great historic interest. The sole existant text is for Erodium which see

Geraniologia (Erodium), by L'Heritier, 1802, Facsimile text 1988. ISBN 1-899742-21-2

6.00, p&p 50p.

This is the Erodium part of the historic TEXT, which should have accompanied the famous figures L'Heritier published in 1792.

Geraniologia: Partial Text Geranium, Pelargonium, Monsonia Geraniaceae Group Associated Note 56, May 2011

A5 size, 33 pages, 6.00 p&p incl.

Text and comments. Text as sent to Hortus Kewensis, May 1789 .

Notes on the  Geraniologia of L'Heritier, by Prof.Dr.G.G.Guittonneau, translated.1987, reissued 1995

2 of 4-pages leaflets, 2.00, post free.

Benchmark papers establishing when the figures or text of Erodium was published.

L'Heritier: Geraniologia - Discussion & Index, by Richard Clifton, 1995. ISBN 1-899742-18-2

24- page leaflet, 6, p&p 50p.

Examines only the Figures, if it's been done before it isn't in print; updates names.

The L'Heritier Project: Geraniaceae Group Associated Notes 32-39, 41, 42, 44-53, 54, 56, 58, 59, 61-65

A5 size, various issues 6.00 each p&p incl., or set n.32-n.42 (9 issues) 40.00 and set n.44-n.52 (9 issues)  40.00

32-39, 41: includes inception; difficulties with data sources; The Blaikie List (1777); Duchesne (1763-4) which detail the Ordines Naturelles of Bernard de Jussieu

42: Progress at end 2009

44-53: Dioscorides

54: Progress at end 2010

56: "The Partial Text of Geraniologia as sent to Dryander in 1789"

65: Commentary on Adanson's Index to Dioscorides.

Index to Names of Dioscorides and Concordance with my Botany, Michel Adanson (1763), interpreted by Richard Clifton (2012)

184 pages, 15.00 p&p 1.50

Commentary related to Geraniaceae Group Associated Notes n.65



All A4 size paperback 1-899742-00-X

Edition 5: includes corrections from the professional botanists working on the genus up to 1994, and includes all latinised names for the 5 core genera + Hypseocharis.

Complete sets (part 1-7) 60.00 each , including worldwide surface mail.

Part 1, Erodium, edition 5,  ISBN 1-899742-63-8 ; 224 pages, 21.00, p&p &2.30, 500gms 

Taxonomy, complete species analysis, advisor Prof. Dr. Guittonneau, Orleans.Ecology, notes especially for the Eastern Mediterranean species

Part 2, Geranium, edition 5, 2004 , ISBN 1-899742-61-1 ,169 pages 18.00, p&p 2.00, 450gms

All latinised names, synonyms too; many descriptions, ecology, notes. Advisor Dr. P.F. Yeo.

Part 3, Monsonia, edition 5, 2011, ISBN 1-899742-03-4, 120 gms. 9.00 p&p 1.20.

All species described. Checked against Prof.Venter' s Monograph. 

Part 4, Pelargonium, edition 5, 2004, ISBN 1-899742-60-3 , 178 pages, 330 gms, 18.00, p&p 2.00

284 species, many descriptions. Advisors: Professor Dr.J.J.A.van der Walt, Dr.P.Vorster, Dr.E.M.Marais , Dr.Mary Gibby  .

Part 5, Sarcocaulon, edition 5, 2011, ISBN 1-899742-05-0, 100 gms. 6.00 p&p 1.00.

All species described; improved data and coordinate with Monsonia.Checked against Prof.Moffett' s Monograph. 

Part 6, Superseded Genera, 2007, ISBN 1-899742-65-4,  120gms, 7.50, p&p 1.20.

Hybrids and genus Grielium  described; Sweet's  Pelargonium genera.

Part 7, Hypseocharis, 1994, 1-899742-07-7, 8 pages, 40 gms, 4.50, p&p incl..

All species described; including observations made in the field by botanists over the last century.


OTHER TITLES: Geraniales



Oxalis Good & Bad, Richard Clifton, 1994

Group leaflet, 4pages, 50p post-free.

Another of "The Geraniaceae Group" 4 pages leaflets with  excellent advice on how to deal with the weed species.

Oxalis - Geraniaceae Benth.& Hooker, Geraniales Checklists series vol.5, part I) by Richard Clifton. ISBN 1-899742-58-1

Edition 2, Issue 1, 142 pages, 15.00 p&p 1.50.

From Index Kewensis base data, enhanced from botanical sources. Many South American and South African species described.

Oxalidaceae,  excluding Oxalis (Geraniaceae Benth.&Hooker, Geraniales Checklists series, vol 5, part II) by Richard Clifton. ISBN 1-899742-59-X

9.00, p&p 1.00.

From various sources, B&H Tribe VI Oxalideae now treated as Family Oxalidaceae, with brief look at new ideas of Oxalidales; checklists of genera included. Addendum treats Francoa, Crossosoma, Greyia



Revision of the Tropaeolaceae, by Sparre, 1990. ISBN 87-88702-47-2

Fully illustrated in b&w,Opera Botanica 108 (1991), 140 pages,  45, p&p 2.00

Habitat maps,lists specimens seen. The definitive work, which, shamefully, nurseries "don't think they need".



Balsaminaceae: Impatiens (Geraniaceae Benth.& Hooker, Geraniales Checklist series, vol. 6). ISBN 1-899742-43-3

15.00, p&p 1.50.

Compiled by Richard Clifton from Index Kewensis base data. A few descriptions, synonyms to be done. Scientific adviser Dr. C. Grey-Wilson

Madagascar Balsams, by Richard Clifton, 2001, ISBN 1-899742-54-9

A5, 81 pages, 18, p&p 1.20, 150 gms

Complete account, descriptions  from Perrier. Introductory notes on Madagascar, taxonomy incl. subgen. Trimorphopetalum, no illustrations.


ST.HELENA (Pelargonium cotyledonis)

The Endemic Flora of St. Helena - A Struggle for Survival , 1986

largely by G.A.Benjamin, with Dr Cronk, illustrated by sketches. 30.00 p&p 1.00

St.Helena: A Highly Critical Flora: by Richard Clifton, edition 2, 1997, ISBN 1-899742-28-X

200 pages, 20.00, p&p 1.00, 300gms.

Complete account, 200 pages incl. checklist as index, taxonomy, ecology*, cultivation notes*, economic uses*, human intervention, analyses, nomenclature.    *= where known!

St.Helena: Checklist of the Endemic & Indigenous Plants, 1996, ISBN 1-899742-22-0

36 pages, 6.00 p&p incl.

Complete nomenclature.

St.Helena: An Alphabetical List of Plants Seen by Dr.Roxburg 1813-4  , by Beatson from Dr Roxburgh's Notes , ISBN 1-899742-26-3

6.50, p&p 50p.

Facsimile reprint 1997 of the 1816 historic record. Roxburgh was Company Botanist to the owners of St Helena then. This is the first effective "Flora of St. Helena", with many original descriptions.    

St.Helena: An Alphabetical List of Plants Seen by Dr.Roxburg 1813-4 and Commentary 1996, facsimile reprint, ISBN 1-899742-27-1

9.00, p&p 1.

Facsimile plus brief update page-to-page, giving current names, status, brief idea of why the non-endemics were cultivated (herb, crop, etc.).

St. Helena: Flora, Fauna, & Fossils, by Brown, Olson & Clifton, ISBN 1-899742-25-5

A5 bk, 70 pages, 15.00 p&p incl.

Deals with weeds as well( density, locations); "fauna"checklists arthropods, not cattle; permission given by ODA for use of ODA Report. The first published Govt. analysis of the island's natural history.


MADAGASCAR (Pelargonium caylae, Impatiens spp)

Madagascar: Checklist of the Endemic Flowering Plants , by Richard Clifton Ed. 2, 2003, ISBN 1-899742-56-5

 30.00 p&p 5.00, 1200 gms

Descriptions only down to genus; all species names, many of the synonyms and indigenous species too.

Madagascar Notes Geraniaceae Group Associated Notes N. 1,2,3,4,5,6 - 6.00 each, p&p incl.   

N1- Why a Checklist ?; N2- Grandidier Atlas: discussion, indexes, modern names; N3- Bamboos of Madagascar; first notes

N4- Madagascar: Sea Dispersed Species; N 5- Grasses of Madagascar: Descriptive Checklist, iss.2; N6- Flore de Madagascar: discussion and indexes

Madagascar Grasses: Taxonomy and Descriptive Checklist, 2004  

216 pages, 18.00, p&p incl.

Compiled using literature at Kew, translated into English; incl. vocabulary index. 

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