Spring 2006 - issue 101

Various Reports
Pelargonium caylae, Mary Hoogvliet
Some Pelargonium species :  P. moniliforme, P. pilosellifolium, P. ochroleucum, P. endlicherianum white form, David Victor & Richard Clifton
Pelargonium caylae, photo Mary Hoogvliet
Pelargonium caylae, photo Syd Reed
P. endlicherianum white form, photo David Victor
P. ochroleucum, photo David Victor
P. sp. indet. photos David Victor
P. moniliforme, photo David Victor
Science Shame: Statistic Sloppy or Artful?, Richard Clifton
Hypseocharis with red flowers, Richard Clifton
This Issue's weirdo genus - Balbisia, Richard Clifton
Members Write
News from Italy and our Website, Marisa Amadio
Tuberous geranium (...yet again), David Victor
Geranium tuberosum subsp. linearifolium, photo David Victor
Geranium linearilobum subsp.transversale forma laciniata, photo David Victor
Geranium macrostylum in habitat, Greece, photo David Victor
Geranium linearilobum subsp.transversale, photo David Victor
Geranium in Pre-nuclear Iran, Thomas Schulz
Erodium aethiopicum again, Richard Clifton
Erodium anthemifolium, erodium armenum, Richard Clifton
Booklist Update

Summer 2006 - issue 102

Various Reports
Seedtalk, Bill Morris
Visit to Fibrex on 12 July, notes by Peter Starling
Pelargonium "Pongola", Ian Gillam
Pelargonium pulchellum, Peter Liekkio
Pelargonium pulchellum , photos Peter Liekkio
Pelargonium glutinosum 'Pheasant's Foot', photo courtesy Anne Wilkinson
Pelargonium 'Lady Plymouth' x 'Lady Plymouth' seedling , photo courtesy Anne Wilkinson
Flowering of P. hirtum (misidentified as P. oreophilum), Ian Gillam
Essex Pelargonium Society's Trip to Germany: Pelargonium cotyledonis
Members Write
Geranium tuberosum subsp. linearifolium, photo Paul Hoogvliet
Geranium tuberosum subsp. linearifolium, plant David Victor
Geranium kotschyi tuber, photo David Victor
Erodium 'Kimiko' and magenta form, photo John Anton-smith
Tuberous geranium from the Mysterious East
Turkmenistan: Geranium kotschyi , Thomas Schulz
Geranium tuberosum subsp. linearifolium, Mary Hoogvliet
Erodium manescavi or Erodium x manescavi? (Erodium 'Kimiko') John Anton-Smith
Erodium guttatum, Richard Clifton

Autumn 2006 - issue 103

Various Reports
Error in summer News
Seed Talk, Seed Distribution , Bill Morris
Pelargonium sect. Ligularia: P. xerophyton, notes about Jim Ellis's photo
Pelargonium sect. Hoarea: P. triphyllum?, Richard Clifton
Pelargonium xerophyton , photo Jim Ellis
Monsonia speciosa , photo Jim Ellis
Pelargonium triphyllum?, photo Richard Clifton
Pelargonium sidoides, RHS Show 1995 , photo Richard Clifton
Group meeting 11 November 2006
Propagating Erodium: report of a talk at October Group meeting
November meeting: Pelargonium chat
Pelargonium sect. Reniformia: P. sidoides, Richard Clifton
Some Sarcocaulon species in habitat, report of Peter Starling's talk at November meeting
Monsonia speciosa , notes about Jim Ellis's photos
Members Communicate
Balbisia peduncularis, notes about  Sebastian Teillier's photo
Erodium ruthenicum, notes about Sweet plate 137

Erodium With Blue Flowers, notes about David Victor's photos

Blue flowered Erodium, photos David Victor
Balbisia peduncularis, photo Sebastian Teillier
Erodium ruthenicum, ex Sweet plate 137
Cryptic species in the Erodium cicutarium complex
Booklist Update
Book Talk

Winter 2006-2007 - issue 104

Various Reports
Pelargonium vanderwaltii, summary from  'Aloe' journal
Pelargonium auritum x Pelargonium violiflorum, photo and hybrid by Bill Morris (with notes)
Greya sutherlandii new to Geraniaceae ,drawing of a plant flowered at Kew c.1895
Pelargonium fulgidum hybrid, photos and hybrid by Mary Hoogvliet (with notes)
Raising Pelargonium from Seed, Noel Magnusson
Seed Talk, Sed Distribution, Bill Morris
Members Write
Geranium maderense, summary from RHS Journal
The RHS and Geranium,Oxalis, Impatiens 1804-1901
A charming Oxalis sp. indet., Richard Clifton
Erodium cicutarium complex again, Richard Clifton
Erodium pelargoniiflorum , Richard Cifton
Erodium malacoides new to Texas, summary from 'SIDA' Journal 
Oxalis sp. indet., photos Richard Clifton
Erodium pelargoniiflorum, plant and photo Ben Coultrup
Genus Greya: Geraniaceae ?, Richard Clifton
More Background Data, Richard Clifton
Why is a Geranium not a Pelargonium ? Richard Clifton
Treasurer's Report



Copyright, The Geraniaceae Group

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