Spring 2004 - issue 93

Administration Page: next meeting
The EU Constitution
Notes on Pelargonium mutans, Ian Gillam
Pink Pelargonium carnosum, Margaret Corina
Pelargonium transvaalense or Pelargonium boranense ?
New NCCPG Geranium Collection, Rachel Etheridge
Pelargonium: latest DNA results (reported ex Taxon)
Seed Secretary's page and Seedtalk
Flower Pots: Pelargonium torulosum
Pelargonium luridum & complex
Members write
Erodium stephanianum , Sally Pike, publisher
New Species :  Erodium janszii
Colour Pages:
- P. transvaalense/P. boranense, photo P. Liekkio 
- Bill Morris, our new seed secretary
- Pelargonium torulosum , photo David Victor
- Erodium stephanianum , photo Sally Pike
- Pelargonium luridum flowers, photo Jochen Beyenbach
- Pelargonium luridum leaves, photo Bill Morris
- Geranium caffrum, Geranium harveyii, Geranium ornithopodon , photos Neil Belchamber
Current Booklist


Summer 2004 - issue 94

Various reports; errors and omissions

Group visit to RHS Lindley Library
Pelargonium transvaalense and Pelargonium boranense
Obituary: Alicia Lourteig, Oxalis botanist
Members write
Geraniaceae, Geraniales : three further views, Richard Clifton
Seed Secretary's report, Bill Morris
Pelargonium violiflorum , short note
Pelargonium ochroleucum , short note
An update for section Polyactium
Pelargonium caylae of Madagascar, Syd Reed, Bill Morris
Pelargonium torulosum, a short note
History of the Checklists, Richard Clifton
Cultivation of Monsonia, Peter Brouwer
Notes from Hexham, Robin Moss
Geranium farreri, Geranium napuligerum, Geranium yunnanense , Oliver Folkard, Richard Clifton
Hypseocharis, short article
Three African Geranium species, Nigel Belchamber
Geranium brutium, Maureen LeClercq, Richard Clifton
Booklist update
Colour pages: 
- Pelargonium transvaalense, photo Dr. Geibel
- Pelargonium transvaalense, seedling leaves, photo Mrs LeClercq
- Pelargonium boranense - flowers, leaves, plant -  photos Richard Riedy
- Pelargonium violiflorum , photo Jim Ellis
- Pelargonium ochroleucum, photo Siw Kourtzmann
- Pelargonium radulifolium, photo Jochen Beyenbach
- Pelargonium multiradiatum, photos Cy Baucke
- Pelargonium pulverulentum, photo Jochen Beyenbach
- Pelargonium lobatum, photos Jochen Beyenbach
- Pelargonium caffrum, photo Jim Ellis
- Pelargonium torulosum, photo David Victor
- Geranium farreri, photos Nigel Belchamber
- Geranium yunnanense, photos Oliver Folkard
- Hypseocharis bilobata, photo David Victor
- Hypseocharis moschata, photo David Victor


Autumn 2004 - issue 95

Various reports

Peter Starling, Membership Secretary
"Pelargonium World 2005"
Other Societies
Seed Secretary's Page, Bill Morris
Pelargonium grossularoides 
Pelargonium endlicherianum, Les Hodgkiss, Richard Riedy
How to raise cultivars, anon
Pelargonium aestivale, Peter Bugg
Pelargonium quinquelobatum
Members write
Central Asian Geranium Species, Thomas Schulz
Geranium saxatile Cavallines 1793, Richard Clifton
Francoa, new genus for Geraniaceae , Richard Clifton
Sarcocaulon and Monsonia, Richard Clifton
Erodium glaucophyllum
Erodium corsicum on Corsica, report from "Candollea"
Erodium stephanianum; Erodium stevenii, Richard Clifton
Booklist update
Colour pages: 
- Pelargonium endlicherianum, photo Les Hodgkiss
- Elizabeth and Peter Starling
- Pelargonium aestivale, photo Peter Bugg
- Pelargonium quinquelobatum, photo Diana Griffiths
- Pelargonium grossularioides, ex cultivation, photo R. Clifton
- Erodium glaucophyllum ex Sweet
- Francoa sonchifolia at RHS show,October 2004, photo R. Clifton


Winter 2004- 2005 - issue 96

Various reports
Booklist update
Obituary - Hazel Key
Other societies
Two new Pelargonium species: Pelargonium insularis, Pelargonium adriaanii, extracts by R. Clifton
Pelargonium species section Otidia, R. Clifton
Pelargonium woodii , R. Clifton
Members write
Odd notes: Black fly; checking results
Geranium ornithopodon
The Erodium species Checklist: odd results, Richard Clifton
Erodium on Canary Island "Fuerteventura"
Madagascar: report on our Checklist, Richard Clifton
Group Accounts, R. Clifton
Treasurer's report, Book Sales Annual report (R. Clifton)
Colour Pages:
- Pelargonium woodii, photo Mia Esser
- Pelargonium sp. indet.MV 4855, photo Bill Morris
- Erodium stephanianum, photo Dr Bockmeuehl
- Pelargonium  section Otidia species
- Geranium ornithopodon in habitat, courtesy Dr F. Demarne
- Erodium pulverulentum ex cultivation, photo Richard Clifton


Copyright, The Geraniaceae Group

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