Spring 2003 - issue 89


Various reports (meetings, membership,..)
Group Meeting 30 April 2003
Monsonia/Sarcocaulon inerme
Pelargonium transvaalense, note Les Hodgkiss and sources
Seedtalk : report of distribution
Members write 
Geranium pseudosibiricum ,notes ex Peter Yeo and sources
Pests : Spider mite
Erodium munbeyanum, notes from Sally Pike and sources
Erodium pelargoniiflorum, again by Richard Clifton
Erodium trifolium var montanum, notes from Richard Riedy, Sally Pike
Books, Booklist update
A walk round Madrid Botanic Garden
Stop Press...
Colour Pages:
- Monsonia sect. sarcocaulon at Speck's, photo courtesy Essex Pelargonium Society
- Sarcocaulon species supplied as S.inerme, photo Peter Bugg
- Speck's new nursery and EPS visitors, photo courtesy Essex Pelargonium Society
- G. pratense x G. psilostemon, photo H.J. Mazza
- Erodium munbeyanum, photos Sally Pike
- Erodium trifolium var montanum, photos Richard Riedy
Current Booklist


Summer 2003 - issue 90

Various reports
Booklist Update
Seed Talk
Australians Barry Grandpierre and Cliff Blackman ( R. Clifton)
Pelargonium caucalifolium, Pelargonium myrrhifolium (R.Clifton)
The Open Show at Fibrex, 12 July 2003
Geraniaceae - the family revisited, from  The Plant Book, Dr D.J.Mabberley,
Members Write & Short Notes
Notes on Geranium viscosissimum, H.J. Mazza
Geranium phaeum seedling, Naida Willis
Following botanical footsteps: in search of Erodium atlanticum and Erodium cossonii, Charles Aitchison
Erodium hybridum update, Richard Clifton
Colour Pages:
- Barry Grandpierre and Cliff Blackman, photo Cliff Blackman
- General view of the Fibrex Show - July 2003 , photo R. Clifton
- P. caucalifolium, P. myrrhifolium, photo R. Clifton
- Pelargonium australe - purple leaved form, photo R. Clifton
- Sarcocaulon vanderietiae, photo R. Clifton
- Geranium viscosissimum, photo H.J. Mazza
- Geranium phaeum form, phoito Naida Willis
- Mount Moulay Ali, Atlas mountains, photo Charles Aitchison
- Erodium cossonii on Moulay Ali,Morocco, photo Charles Aitchison


Autumn 2003 - issue 91

Various reports
Probably not Pelargonium laxum !
Pelargonium grandiflorum, notes (R. Clifton)
Pelargonium 'Filicifolium' , Ingrid Brundin & R. Clifton
Fruit of Geraniaceae
PBR - Patent - Registration Update (R. Clifton)
Monsonia (Sarcocaulon) crassicaule ( R. Clifton)
Seed Talk
Group Meeting 17 September 2003, report by R. Clifton
Members Write
Group Meeting 8 October 2003, report by R. Clifton 
Erodium hybridum Update
Erodium texanum; Erodium guttatum ( Various members & publisher)
Erodium cheilanthifolium in habitat, Charles Aitchison, R. Clifton
Species Counts ( R. Clifton)
Booklist Update
Late Notes (Publisher)
Our Core Checklists
Colour Pages:
- Pelargonium laxum?, photo from Diana Griffith
- Pelargonium grandiflorum, photo courtesy Fibrex Nursery
- Sarcocaulon crassicaule, photo of Syd Reed's plant
- Erodium texanum , photo R. Clifton
- Erodium 'Sara Francesca' and "daughter", photo R. Clifton
- Erodium cheilanthifolium on Morocco's Tichka Plateau, photos C. Aitchison


Winter 2003/2004 - issue 92

Various reports
Administration Page; next meeting (Publisher)
Farewell to Peter Yeo, R, Clifton
Pelargonium laxum ? (following Autumn News article)
Prof. J.J.A. van der Walt, obituary by Dr. P. Vorster, University of Stellenbosch
- Prof van der Walt 
- Prof van der Walt and students on a field trip
- Pelargonium leipoldtii , photos by Jochen Beyenbach
Pelargonium leipoldtii, notes from Jochen Beyenbach
Pests! (root mealy bug)
Pelargonium denticulatum, notes from Jim Ellis
My experience with Pelargonium transvaalense ,Les Hodgkiss 
Seed Talk
Geranium maderense: G. maderense and G. palmatum
Geranium subcaulescens cultivars, by David Victor, Registrar
Storkenaeb : Book review by David Victor, Registrar
Members Write
Erodium texanum updates (Carl Garnham, Richard Riedy)
Erodium pelargoniflorum propagation, Richard Clifton
Growing Impatiens balfourii, Carol Roller
Oxalis at our Meeting October 2001
Booklist Update & best sellers 2003
Colour Pages:
- Geranium maderense?
- Leaves of Mr. Mazza's hybrids, photo Henry Mazza
- G. reuteri, G.palmatum flowers, photos Mr. Belchamber
- Pelargonium denticulatum, photo Jim Ellis
- Erodium pelargoniiflorum caudex, photo R. Clifton
Treasurer's report and Accounts




Copyright, The Geraniaceae Group

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