Spring 2002 - issue 85


Our 21st Birthday
Various reports (meetings, membership,..)
Pelargonium lanceolatum, Richard Clifton
Sarcocaulon Care, Peter Bugg
Sarcocaulon and Glasshouse care at the Group's end-of-year meeting
Photo page:
- Sarcocaulon patersonii, photo Peter Bugg
- Pelargonium lanceolatum at Fibrex, photo courtesy Hazel Key, 1995
- Pelargonium sp.aff.lanceolatum at Fibrex, photo courtesy Hazel Key, 1995
Members' Seed Talk
Group Meeting November 2000, reports of talks by Peter Yeo, Syd Reed and David Victor
Members write
RHS Trials of Geranium Cultivars
Ideas for visits, Richard Brown
Group Meeting 10 October 2001
Geranium hayatanum, Richard Clifton
Interim update on Geranium saxatile
Group Meeting 21 November 2001
Erodium texanum in habitat, Thomas Schulz
Notes on Erodium pelargoniflorum and Erodium trifolium (various members)
Photo page:
- Geranium hayatanum, photos by N. Belchamber
- Pelargonium echinatum, photo J.C.Brooks
- Erodium chrysanthum, photo courtesy Allan Robinson
Notes on Erodium chrysanthum, Richard Clifton
Notes on the Newsletter, Richard Clifton
Is P. cotyledonis: St Helena = P. caylae: Madagascar ?
Current Booklist


Summer 2002 - issue 86

Various reports

Pelargonium acetosum, Richard Clifton
Photo page: 
- Ursula Key-Davis & National Pelargonium species collection
- Pelargonium echinatum at Fibrex
- Pelargonium acetosum
Members's Seed Talks
Report of visit to Fibrex & National Pelargonium species collection
Some wild Geraniaceae in California, Carol Roller
CD-rom "Doorlevende Geraniums", review by David Victor
CD-rom "Doorlevende Geraniums", notes from Ann Hellemann
Members Write
Geranium harveyi , Richard Brown
Erodium chrysanthum - Fruits
Booklist Update
Genesis of a Rumour
Photo page:
- Geranium habitat, California, photo C. Aitchison
- Geranium sp.indet, Andes, photo C. Aitchison
- Erodium chrysanthum, beaks and mericarps
- Erodium x hybridum
Flora of Morocco, a booklist update, C. Aitchison
Factoids; Geranium varieties for the Mass Market
Some Erodium and Geranium species in the Americas, C. Aitchison


Autumn 2002 - issue 87

Various reports

Members's Seed Talks
Visit proposed to Exotica Nursery, Dick Hampshire
Pelargonium caylae, Syd Reed
Pelargonium caylae, notes from the publisher
Photo page: 
- Pelargonium caylae, plant, flowers, photos Syd Reed
- Pelargonium sibthorpiifolium, colony in habitat, photos Jochen Bayenbach
Reviewing the Concept of Geraniaceae, R. Brummitt, RBG Kew
About Pelargonium Cultivars, Carol Roller & Richard Clifton
"Illustrated Handbook of Succulents Plants", book review by Derek Tribble
The status of the name Geranium saxatile, Dr. P.F. Yeo
Reports of our Meeting of 10 October 2002:
- General report, by Richard Clifton
- G. californicum, G. ponticum, G. yoshinoi, G. nodosum
- RHS Wisley Geranium Trials, reported from Andrew Norton's talk
- Geranium maderense and Madeiran Geranium species
Photo Page: 
- Geranium sp. indet. ex 98/157, photos Marisa Amadio
- Geranium 'Whiteleaf', courtesy Harry Hay
- Erodium acaule, courtesy John Ross 1990
Notes on Group seed:P.alchemilloides, P.multibracteatum, P.ranunculophyllum,   Peter Brouwer
Members Write ; Note on Pests
Erodium acaule, Peter Brouwer
Booklist Update


Winter 2002/2003 - issue 88

Various reports
Registrar for Pelargonium cultivars
Visit proposed Exotica Nursery, Dick Hampshire
Pelargonium multiradiatum : cultivation, Cyril Baucke
Mr. Syd Reed, NCCPG Succulent Pelargonium Collection
Pelargonium cortusifolium ,  Jochen Beyenbach
Photo Page:
- Two forms of Pelargonium cortusifolium in habitat, photos Jochen Beyenbach
- Pelargonium multiradiatum, photo Cyril Baucke
- Pelargonium mirabile in habitat, photo Jochen Beyenbach
RHS event on 5 March 2003 and notes arising, Richard Clifton
Seed Secretary page and members' seed talk
Mambers write
North American Geraniums: G. caespitosum, G. atropurpureum, Richard Clifton
Photo Page:
- Mr. Syd Reed
- G. caespitosum, G. californicum, photos David Victor
George Bentham of Bentham & Hooker, Richard Clifton
Booklist Update
Group Accounts




Copyright, The Geraniaceae Group

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