Spring 2001 - Issue 81

Various Reports ( Membership, Meetings, Internet...)
Bryan Makin, Field Collector, & Pelargonium sect. Hoarea
Recent Group Meetings: brief reports
Photos on the 4-pages spread: (*)
Geranium nanum, Again, Dr. Charles Aitchison
*Pelargonium undulatum & LAVR-30424 , article by Richard Clifton, photos David Victor
*Pelargonium bowkeri, article and photos by Richard Clifton
Seed Talk: members comments, Seed Distribution report...
Members Write
Bill Baker - Obituary by David Victor
Protected Species
Erodium pelargoniiflorum Revisited
Two Notes on Erodium chrysanthum, Allan Robinson, Richard Riedy
*Monsonia sect. Monsonia Seeds (article and photos, by Richard Clifton)
*Seeds of Geranium species (article and photos by Richard Clifton)
*Visit to Erodium atlanticum site, Dr. Charles Aitchison (photos courtesy Dr. Aitchison)
Erodium atlanticum, not E. cossonii?, Prof. Dr. G.G. Guittonneau
Erodium atlanticum - source data & analysis, Richard Clifton
Booklist update
Seed Germination Rates: How Many Seeds Do You Need?

Summer 2001 - Issue 82

Various Reports
Jack Lacey - Obituary
Prof. Dr. W. T. Stearn - Obituary
BPGS Species Cup Winner
Pelargonium tenuicaule in my glasshouse, Carol Roller
Photos on the 4-pages spread (*):
*P. endlicherianum x P. quercetorum, photos by Richard Riedy
*Monsonia Speciosa,  photo David Victor
*Pelargonium triandrum, photos David Victor, notes Richard Clifton
*Pelargonium fasciculaceum, photos and notes Richard Clifton
*Erodium brachycarpum, photos Philip Griffiths, notes by Richard Clifton
*Geranium brutium, photo Richard Clifton
*Geranium umbellatum, phot ex Flora of China
A Method of Propagating Stem Type Succulent Pelargoniums, S.G.Reed
Seed Talk
Letters and Oddments
Monsonia section Sarcocaulon: Notes:  S. patersonii forms
Some Remarks on Geranium nivale and Geranium weddellii, Dr. Carlos Aedo
Booklist Update
Spelling, Calibration, Measure
Pelargonium ochroleucum ex Derek Tribble's talk, notes by Richard Clifton

Autumn 2001 - Issue 83

Various Reports (Meetings, Membership, InterNet, ...)
The Photos on the 4-page "spread":
*Pelargonium caffrum, photo Peter Starling
*Specks' glasshouses, photo Peter Bugg
*Pelargonium pilosellifolium , photo David Victor
*Hypseocharis corydalifolia, photo H.Hay
*Erodium chrysanthum, photo courtesy Allan Robinson
*Geranium harveyi ?, photo courtesy Dr. David Hibberd
* Erodium pelargoniiflorum and Erodium trifolium, photos Richard Clifton
Sarcocaulon at Ernst Specks, "Exotica" Plants, P.F.Bugg
"Geophytic Pelargoniums" by Charles Craib, a review by David Victor
Seed Talk
Hypseocharis sp., Harry Hay, Richard Clifton
Comments on Plants from Seedlist 2000
Geranium pratense 'Victor Reiter', Ian Gillam
An Update on Erodium chrysanthum, Richard Clifton
Re-identification: E. pelargoniiflorum & E. trifolium, Richard Clifton, Mr.E. Goodwin
Booklist Update

Winter 2001/2002 - Issue 84

Various Reports (Meetings, Membership, InterNet, ...)
The Photos on the 4-page "spread":
*4 Pelargonium sect. polyactium
*Pelargonium sp. indet, photo David Victor
*Erodium 'Maryla' , photo David Victor
*Geranium sp. indet. photo Olivar Folkard
*Erodium texanum, photo Sally Pike
*Geranium sp. indet,  photo Hans J. Kuus
Pelargonium multiradiatum, Cyril. Baucke
Pelargonium oxaloides?, David   Victor
Pelargonium caffrum : new cultivar, Hazel Key
Propagating Pelargonium sect. Hoarea, Colin  Leeves
Letters, comments on plants from Seedlist 2000
Seed Talks
Geranium saxatile, G. sophiae, Richard Clifton
Geranium 'Victor Reiter', Robin Parer
Geranium 'Sibiricum Group' plants, Peter Brouwer
"Hardy Geraniums", New Edition, a review by Rein ten Klooster
Erodium texanum notes ex cultivation, Peter Brouwer, Sally Pike
The Erodium trifolium muddle, Richard Clifton
Booklist update
Group Accounts 2001




Copyright, The Geraniaceae Group

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