Spring 1999 - Issue 73

Various Reports (Wisley Conference, Membership...)
Farewell to Harry Fair , Richard Clifton
Vocabulary - Pronunciation , Richard Clifton
Pelargoniums at Stourhead: The Hoare Collection , Richard Higgs
Pelargonium xerophyton & Pelargonium desertorum , Richard Clifton
Pelargonium section Hoarea: Pseudanthium formers , Richard Clifton
Group meeting April 1999, Peter Starling's Talk
Geranium tuberosum - The photos of Damarwand, Iran
Members write
National Collection of Erodium - Appeal , John Ross
Seed Talk , Anne Davies & contributions from members
Pest talk - Vine Weevils again
Erodium boissieri , Richard Clifton
Booklist Update

Summer 1999 - Issue 74

Various Reports
Obituary Mr. John Tye
Seed Secretary Report , Anne Davies
Member's Notes on Seeds , Rein ten Klooster, Peter Vernon
Pelargonium worcesterae or Pelargonium rogersianum?, R. Clifton (Photo R. Anderson)
Pelargonium cultivar naming , Dr. Alan Leslie, RHS
Pelargonium hermanniifolium , Richard Clifton
Notes on Pelargonium xerophyton , Matija Strlic, Prof.Dr. J.Bockmuhl
Notes on Biebersteinia , Ole Olsen, Richard Clifton
Robin Parer, U.S.A
Members write
Bookshop Note
Geranium sanguineum : 6 cultivars
Erodium foetidum , Richard Clifton
Geranium & Erodium: Group's conference 12 June
Pelargonium glabriphyllum: quick note (from S.Afr.J.Bot)
Booklist Update
Pelargonium ochroleucum : a lesson , Richard Clifton

Autumn 1999 - Issue 75

Various Reports (Meetings, Membership, InterNet, ...)
Seed Distribution 1999: Instructions & Talk
Sarcocaulon lavrani , Matija Strlic & Petr Pavelka
Pelargonium cotyledonis - a 3rd form? , Richard Clifton
Pelargonium burgerianum, from Prof.van der Walt's paper
The successfull cultivation of geophytic Pelargoniums in the northern hemisphere, Welland Cowley
Rare and Valuable?
Pelargonium ochroleucum, Pelargonium boranense, members' contributions
On the habit and habitat of Pelargonium xerophyton, Matija Strlic
Pelargonium cultivar naming: update , Richard Clifton
Geranium nivale, Geranium weddellii , Sally Pike, Richard Clifton
Geranium weddellii or Geranium nivale ?, Peter Vernon
Growing South American Plants, David Victor
Geranium section Andina Knuth, Richard Clifton
Geranium renardii (blue forms), Geranium glaberrimum , members's contributions
Ecology (in part) of Geranium nanum, Charles Aitchision
Test for science books, extract and interpretation
Random Erodium glandulosum complex seedlings
Group Meeting 5 October 1999
Members write
Artificial Lighting (in England in Winter), Richard Clifton
Vine Weevil Controls, The Times, Sally Pike, Bill Morris
Geraniales, Bill Morris, David Victor, Margaret Jordan, Rein ten Klooster
Booklist Update
Pelargonium daucifolium: synonym list

Winter 1999/2000 - Issue 76

Various Reports ( Meetings,Membership, Internet...)
Seed Distribution 1999 - Report and Seedtalk
Pelargonium ochroleucum , Peter Liekkio
Pelargonium luteolum ,   Richard Clifton
Monsonia section Monsonia, Les Hodgkiss
Sarcocaulon multifidum, Les Hodgkiss
Sarcocaulon lavrani > Monsonia (Sarcocaulon) patersonii, Prof.Dr. Albers
Members write
Geranium tuberaria , R. Clifton, photo by Dr. G. Lambrecht
Geranium microphyllum , report, R. Clifton
Biebersteinia odora , photo & culture by Ole Olsen
Booklist Update
Group's Accounts 1999
Notes to Accounts, Treasurer Report



Copyright, The Geraniaceae Group

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