Spring 1997 - Issue 65

The South African Update
Various Reports (Autumn Meeting, Hortus britannicus, Booklist update, The Checklist...)
Pelargonium tomentosum , Richard Clifton
Pelargonium acugnaticum , Richard Clifton
Pelargonium cotyledonis 'Ventnor', Richard Clifton
Pelargonium triste , Richard Clifton
"Pelargoniums with scented leaves", a review by Anne Davies (see our Book List)
Dirachma somalensis, (Geraniales, Geraniaceae), Richard Clifton
Seed Talk , John Anton-Smith & contributors
News of genera Sarcocaulon & Monsonia , S. Reed
Report of the Group's March meeting
Note from the Australian Conference October 1996
Erodium cultivar breeding , John Anton-Smith
Registar for Geranium and Erodium cultivars
Geranium atlanticum , Dr.S.Jury & contributions
Geranium cinereum complex in Greece , David Victor
Members write
Recent research: Group Library
Erodium: scent or alkaloids? , from Dr.M.Lis-Balchin & Prof.Guittonneau
Pelargonium quercetorum , Jim Archibald

Summer 1997 - Issue 66

The South African Update , Fiona Powrie
Various Reports
Odd notes on related Societies: the IAPT
Pelargonium album , Richard Clifton
Members respond on Pelargonium tomentosum
A visit to the Paris Botanic Garden , Jack Lacey
Pelargonium : growing seed from the Group Distribution , Stan Southgate
Members write: on Pelargonium, Sarcocaulon
Erodium rodiei , report Richard Clifton
Members write: on Geranium, Erodium
Pelargonium echinatum , Jean-Pierre Damion
Pelargonium echinatum , photos of 16 forms, by Jean-Pierre Damion
Losing species: Erodium recoderii , Richard Clifton
The Australian Update , Alby Scriven
International Registration of Geranium & Erodium Cultivars , David Victor
Notes from Hexham ( on Geranium cultivars) , Robin Moss
Geranium biuncinatum , Rein ten Klooster
"L'Essential sur les Geraniums Vivaces" , a book review by David Victor (see our Book List)
Three journeys , Thomas Schulz
The Membership Secretary visits the treasurer
Notes on Geranium subargenteum , reports from members
Booklist Update

Autumn 1997 - Issue 67

The South African Update , Ebrahim Lawrence & Fiona Powrie
Various Reports (Meetings, Membership Sec., InterNet, Exchanges...)
Seed Talk , John Anton-Smith
Notes of Stellenbosch Botany Department
Registration of Botanical Plant names ( Prof.Dr. W.Greuter)
Registration of Cultivar Names , David Victor
Members write : on Pelargonium
Pelargonium ochroleucum , Dr.Ulrich Meve
Pelargonium quercetorum , J. Archibald
Pelargonium quercetorum, Richard Riedy
Geranium nanum: flower colour , Dr. C. Aitchison
Geranium macrorrhizum, white cultivars , b Robin Moss
Group's Autumn Meeting , report Sally Pike
Notes fron Hexham , Robin Moss
Unpublished Names , Richard Clifton
Members write : on Geranium
Erodium jahandiezianum , S. Pike, M. Jordan, R. Riedy, R. Clifton
Erodium texanum , T. Schulz, R. Riedy, R. Clifton
Members write: on Erodium
Sarcocaulon: South Africa replies (Dr. Craig Hilton-Taylor)
Sarcocaulon & Monsonia: the 2 genera compared , Richard Clifton
Booklist update
Books: annual "lookaround"

Winter 1997/98 - Issue 68

A Northern European Update
Various Reports ( Meetings, Registar, Membership Sec., Internet...)
Obituary - Mr.L.A.Cross , by Richard Clifton
Cultivating Pelargonium section Hoarea , Roy Mottram
Pelargonium redactum , from Dr. P.Vorster in S.Afr.J.Bot, reported by Richard Clifton
Seed Talk , John Anton-Smith
Germination methods , Barry Grandpierre, Sidney Reed
Pelargoniums portraits from the Seedlist , members
Dirachma socotrana illustrations , J.J.Lavranos
Sarcocaulon : Prof. Dr. F. Albers writes
Sarcocaulon : an inter-species cross & members' notes
"Les Erodiums de nos Jardins" , book review by David Victor
Members write : on CITES, pests, books, Pelargoniums section Hoarea
Erodium portraits from the Seedlist , members
Geranium californicum & Geranium koreanum, Richard Clifton
Not Geranium tripartitum , Dr. P.F.Yeo
Booklist update
Group Accounts , the Treasurer



Copyright, The Geraniaceae Group

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