Spring 1996 - Issue 61

The South African Update, Fiona Powrie
Various Reports - Next meetings
Bug-buster ? , Jean Pierre Damion
Species and speciation: Pelargonium cucullatum, Richard Clifton
RHS Show 16-17 April
Meeting 17 April, report by Richard Clifton
Plant controls - CITES
Seed Talk , John Anton-Smith & contributors
Geranium wakkerstroomianum, Charles Craib
Geranium cinereum, south & east Mediterranean, reported from Dr. Charles Aitchison
Geraniums in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Thomas Schulz
Home thoughts from the isle of Ely, Bill Morris
Erodium alpinum, Richard Clifton
The origin of Erodium names, Dr. Gerry Robbins
Erodium guttatum, Richard Clifton
Members write (on Pelargonium, Geranium, Erodium & on genus Bierbersteinia)
Geraniums in Dover & elsewhere in the U.K.
Booklist update, Richard Clifton

Summer 1996 - Issue 62

The South African Update , Fiona Powrie
Various Reports
Pelargonium tricolor, (illustrated) main author Diana Hull
"Pelargoniums" by Diana Miller -Book review by Alan Shellard (see our Book List)
Geranium oil and yellow Pelargoniums, Dr.Maria Lis-Balchin
Aromatherapy at the Chelsea Flower Show 1996, Dr.Maria Lis-Balchin
Pelargonium trifoliolatum, Richard Clifton
Seed Talk, John Anton-Smith
Selfed seed of Geranium cinereum, Richard Clifton & contributors
How to get selfed seed, ( illustrated), Richard Clifton
Why do beaks fail?, Richard Clifton
Failures with seed germination, Richard Clifton
Geranium growing in Australia, Ann Wilcox
The Geranium cinereum complex, from Dr. Aedo's paper (see our Book List)
Geranium caeruleum/caeruleatum/coeruleum, Richard Clifton & contributors
Geranium libanoticum & Geranium libani in habitat,( illustrated), Dr.C.Aitchison
The National Erodium Collection, Dr. Marie Addyman
Obituary - Alan Wood, Dr. Marie Addyman
Notes on Erodium nervulosum
Notes on Erodium trifolium var. montanum
Notes on Erodium reichardii, Richard Clifton
Various visits, from several members
Members write
Flower pots, by Richard Clifton
Booklist update, by Richard Clifton

Autumn 1996 - Issue 63

The South African Update , Fiona Powrie
Various Reports
Seed Talk, Richard Clifton
Pelargonium tenuicaule, Richard Clifton
Pelargonium section Hoarea: Pelargonium fissifolium, Charles Craib
Dirachma socotrana (extract),and update by A.G. Miller & Richard Clifton
Fraud in the Garden Centre: fraud in science, Richard Clifton
Pelargonium section Hoarea: Pelargonium nervifolium, Charles Craib
Meeting on 8 October 1996, report by R.Clifton, photo of Geranium antrorsum
"Revision of Geranium Subgenus Erodioidea", by C. Aedo- book review by Dr.P.Yeo
Wild Geraniums in the Ryedale District of Yorkshire, D..R. Robinson
Erodium absinthioides, Richard Clifton
Erodium x lindavicum, Richard Clifton
On what is a subspecies, Richard Clifton
Members write (on Xerophytes, watering regimes & pots, Pelargoniums)
Members write (on G." coeruleum", Erodiums, grubs& nematodes)
Books and Booklist update, Richard Clifton

Winter 1996/97 - Issue 64

The South African Update, Fiona Powrie
Millenial member, Cliff Blackman of Australia (have a look at the gorgeous Zonartics!)
Various reports - Meetings, Donations, Membership sec., best seller 1996
Pelargonium cordifolium, Richard Clifton
Pelargonium section Hoarea: P. heterophyllum, P. leptum & others, Charles Craib
Plant portraits from the Seedlist, compiled by John Anton-Smith
Seed Talk
Geranium sanguineum - An unrecorded wild strain, Dr.R.Robinson
Report of Peter Yeo's visit to France, Dr.D.Evrard
The Alan Bremner Geranium Hybrids, an assessment by Robin Moss
Geranium ferganense, not G. caeruleum, Ole Olsen
Erodium atlanticum, E. cossonii, Dr.C. Aitchison, Prof.Dr.G.G.Guittonneau, R.Clifton
Members write
Pelargonium longifolium sens.str., Richard Clifton
Herbarium hell, Richard Clifton
Geraniaceae Group Accounts 1996, R. Clifton



Copyright, The Geraniaceae Group

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