Spring 1995 - Issue 57

The South African Update, Fiona Powrie
Various Reports
"A Guide To Scented Geraniaceae", book review by Dr. M.Lis-Balchin
Pelargonium coronopifolium, Richard Clifton
Monsonia brevirostrata, C. Craib
Geranium atlanticum & malviflorum, ex Knuth
Monsonia - A neglected genus, Steve Benham
Members write
Slide Library, A.S.Edwards
A trip to Northern Spain - G. subargenteum, T. Schulz
Dwarf Geraniums, J. Anton-Smith
New Guinea Geraniums. Dr. J.F.Veldkamp
Botanical Vocabulary, Richard Clifton
Technical Library; Booklist Update, Richard Clifton

Summer 1995 - Issue 58

Publisher's Notes
Reports from Seed Secretaries David Barrett, John Anton-Smith
Visit to NCCPG Pelargonium Collection Pebworth, report Richard Clifton
Pelargonium graveolens by request, report Richard Clifton
Pelargonium graveolens in the Soutpansberge, Charles Craib
Visit to NCCPG Succulent Geraniaceae Collection Cheltenham, report R.Clifton
Erodium sanguis-christi, ex Knuth, Guittonneau
RHS Wisley Handbook " Hardy Geraniums", book review by Robin Moss (see our Book List)
Pelargonium otaviense, Richard Clifton
Geranium antrorsum stocks in cultivation, Dr. P.F.Yeo
Members write
Pelargonium cotyledonis: taxonomy, flowers, age, conservation, Richard Clifton
Notes from Hexham (Geraniums & cultivars), Robin Moss
Booklist Update, R. Clifton

Autumn 1995 - Issue 59

This is not the editorial, Richard Clifton
Treasurer Speaks
Notice of Meetings 1996
BOOKS books Books, Richard Clifton
Pelargonium graveolens by request, Richard Clifton
Pelargonium humansdorpense ( illustrated), Richard Clifton
Pelargonium incrassatum : hybridisation & cultivars, Charles Craib
Notes from Vancouver: Hoareas, P. echinatum, Dr. Ian Gillam
Pelargonium fulgidum, Fiona Powrie, Diana Hull
Conference in Australia 1996
Plant Controls in South Africa, Charles Craib
Geranium cinereum cultivars ( illustrated), Robin Moss
Notes from Hexham ( Geraniums & cultivars), Robin Moss
Members write
Erodiums in Cultivation, Dr. Marie Addyman
Erodium nervulosum L'Her. (illustrated), ex R. Sweet
Seeds: Seedlist identities, seed request, J. Anton-Smith & members
Allied Societies - a brief review

Winter 1995/96 - Issue 60

The South African Update, Fiona Powrie
Errors in Autumn News, Meetings 1996
Pelargonium graveolens Part 3, (illustrated), various members
Pelargonium nephrophyllum - a curiosity from S.Namaqualand, Charles Craib
A Rare White Form of Pelargonium luridum (illustrated), Mrs. L. Steen
Pelargonium bowkeri, Charles Craib
Erodium toussidanum, report from Prof. Guittonneau
Dr. Mary Gibby, (illustrated), report
Wisley's Erodiums, Dr.Gerry Robbins
Seed Notes: Distribution 96, identities
Sprouting Pelargonium Seed, Cliff Blackman, Diana Hull
Notes from Hexham (Geranium & Geranium cultivar seed), Robin Moss
Geraniums in Arctic Norway (illustrated), Ole Olsen
Members write
Dioeciousness (especially in Erodium), report Richard Clifton
Membership List, Penny Clifton
Booklist Update
Recent research: Group Library, report
Accounts: Treasurer's report, Publisher's report



Copyright, The Geraniaceae Group


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