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The purpose of  The Geraniaceae Group is to promote knowledge of the species of Geraniaceae. Our functions include annual meetings, a specialist book list, the seed exchange and a large slide library.

This Group was formed in 1981 by Richard Soar, Diana Griffiths, and Richard Clifton.

We aim to bring together as many people as possible who are interested in the species ( and primary, or inter-species hybrids) of all the Geraniaceae, especially core genera Erodium, Geranium, Pelargonium and Monsonia & Sarcocaulon; to encourage interest in growing plants, and also to encourage the exchange of information between members.




Our aims



Geranium x oxonianum 'Hollywood'






The Group Newsletter

The Group newsletter, which all members receive four times in their subscription year, is the main means by which members exchange and receive information. All members are encouraged to participate, with articles, photos, or just short notes either to the Group newsletter or to this website. Photos are preferred for the News but generally cannot be returned; slides can be returned if not for donation to the Slide Library. Observations on cultivation, propagation, notes on habitats, climate, soils, pests, reports of meetings, conventions, and research relating to the Geraniaceae that would be of interest to the members, all are very much wanted for  the News or, if technical, our Associates Notes. We very much rely on the members to keep the newsletter full and interesting!

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Meetings and Events

A message from the Editor

I'm sorry to have to advise you that Richard Clifton has been diagnosed with a serious cancer and is likely to be unavailable to work with the Group for some months.  Clearly, this is a major blow to the group, as Richard has been totally central to all that we do for some 33 years.
In the meantime, we have agreed a number of changes to the ways in which we organise the work of the Group.  Allan Robinson has volunteered to be responsible for the Seed Distribution.
I have agreed to take over as Treasurer immediately and, assuming things develop as indicated above, I will take over the roles as Editor and Publisher of the Newsletter from spring 2015.  To that end, members are invited to send contributions on species to me directly from now on and not to Richard.  In that way, I can prepare them for either Richard or myself depending on who is doing the job come springtime.  My full contact details are shown inside the cover of the newsletter (Issue 136).
Peter Starling remains as Membership Secretary, Marisa Amadio retains responsibility for the web site, Katya Koskaya for the web forum and Syd Reed as Meetings Secretary.
For the moment, we have closed the bookshop, until such time as we have a better view of what is likely to happen.  My aim would be to open it again by the spring.
I'm sure that you would all want to join with me in wishing Richard all our very best wishes for the time ahead and a full and rapid recovery.
David Victor 
        28 January 2015



Calendar of meetings for 2015 

News from Sydney Reed, Geraniaceae Group Meetings Secretary  



June 17, Wednesday, 2 pm onwards

visit to Fibrex Nurseries National Collection of Pelargonium,  Pebworth, near Stratford upon Avon        



October 24, Saturday, 2 pm onwards

Geraniaceae Group Meeting , RHS Autumn Show, London, Westminster School, Pavilion 3, Vincent Square, SW1



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OTHER OVERSEAS £   15.00 (or US $ 25.00, cash ) including Air mail Postage

Remittances from overseas ( payable in £'s sterling)

You may apply for membership and send the money to:

Peter Starling,
22 Northfields,
Cambridge CB3 0QG

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Membership runs for 12 months and includes 4 Newsletters, 1 Seed Distribution, the full Book List and any discounts, and use of the Slide Library.

All ideas, information and opinions, expressed or implied, appearing in this web site are those of the contributors themselves and do not necessarily represent the views of The Geraniaceae Group



Please, send comments, questions and suggestions regarding this web site to Marisa Amadio at 

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A message from the Editor
The Bookshop is temporarily closed, no orders can be accepted. The reopening date will be posted here as soon as possible
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